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Red 772 - A Short Film (2006) Executive Producer, Writer, Director - At 13, Zahra's life is torn apart by an ancient and brutal custom - that affects 135 million women worldwide. She experiences a deep betrayal, but that betrayal ignites a firestorm that leads to transformation, and a sacred mission to save others from a similar fate. Isolated and frightened, she decides to shed light on a dark and unspeakable horror. "Red 772" is her code name for freedom. This is a promo for the 90 minute feature.

Festival of the Chariot - Documentary (2002 - 2003) Executive Producer, Writer, Director - A story about Lord Jagannath's annual festival of Indian Vasnava Vedic tradition. Lord Jagannath, the Ratha Yatra is the most famous and the spectacular festival which attracts countless pilgrims from all over India and from aboard.
Oasis of Peace - Documentary (2001) - Executive Producer, Writer, Director - A story about Dwight Trible, a highly acclaimed jazz musician whose work had a global impact on communities around the world. Dwight Trible is legend. He is the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet. Dwight is also the vocal director for the Horace Tapscott Pan African Peoples Arkestra, a Los Angeles institution.
Fire Eyes - Documentary (1994) Executive Producer, Writer, Director - "It's one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen" - George M. Sneed (Health Care Administrator's Review of "Fire Eyes".) This powerful and important film is the first to present an African viewpoint on a culturally explosive issue. Somali filmmaker Soraya Mire knows firsthand about the traditional African practice of female genital mutilation. At thirteen she was subjected to it and spent the next Twenty seven years recovering physically and emotionally from its cruel legacy. Fire Eyes explores the socio-economic, psychological, and medical consequences of this ancient custom which affects 135 million women worldwide.

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