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"My mission in life is to end violence against women and children. I speak for those who have no voice. With artistic truth, I bring their stories to life."

Soraya Mire

Soraya Mire, Activist & Speaker Against FGM

Soraya Mire, Writer, Director & Producer at Work

After spending 12 years making the documentary Fire Eyes I realized how fortunate I am that I've been given a platform to speak the truth. For the past 30 years, I have worked to combat violence against women and children.

As a survivor of the most horrendous act of betrayal, pain and ultimate child abuse of Female Genital Mutilation, I still seek to share the story of those who have been forgotten. It is a pivotal story, unveiling man's historic shame, and serves as a catalyst for healing a wound that transcends the physical, a psychological wound-a scar of betrayal. It is a soul wound. It gives voice to 135 million women, worldwide who have suffered female genital mutilation (FGM).

My work symbolizes the quiet hidden struggle of women who have been tortured. For so long, as women, we have been allowed to look into the mirror but never allowed to see the true reflection of ourselves. I will not stop until FGM ends.

My aim is to continue the dialogue, to educate, to implement laws globally and to provide outlets to help other women who are seeking Asylum and medical attention.

Soraya Mire

Persistent Productions, LLC

Executive Producer, Director, Writer

P.O.Box 93056 Los Angeles, CA 90046

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